September 17, 2016

How Does Sleeping With Weighted Blanket Improve Your Mental Health?

How Does Sleeping With Weighted Blanket Improve Your Mental Health?

We human beings are so much involved with taking care of our careers, health, relationships and house duties that we give ourselves a back seat. The continuous rush often seeps in us slowly and steadily and this affects us in small ways each day. Perhaps comes the time when your mind starts asking you for breaks from duties and work. This is where holidays and long vacations come into the role. But have you wondered why does one need vacation or holidays after every few months? What is it with our brain that does not get calmed down on a daily basis? It is the pattern and quality of the sleep you are taking! So, how does sleeping with weighted blanket improve your mental health?

Sleep And Mental Problems

There is no denying to the fact that if you have not slept well some day you won’t be able to work well the next day. The quality of the sleep you took last night is going to reflect the kind of day you are going to have today. People who sleep well in the night are proven to be more active and efficient in their work compared to people who sleep late, have troubled sleeping etc.

Sleep affects the mental health and there can be a lot of causes behind it. If you have not slept well in a few days, your brain does not get the rest it desires and the state of being over worked comes down trolling on them. And due to the increased inability of the brain because of no sleep makes the person have mental problems. Thus, it is necessary to have a good sleep.

Weighted Blankets And Sleep

One of the important aspects of sleeping is to cover oneself with a good blanket which makes them feel comfortable and cozier and enhances their sleep pattern. We tend to sleep better in winters than summers and the primary fact of difference here is the weighted blankets. Weighted blankets bring about a cozy and comfortable state which is otherwise not coming from light weighted blankets used generally.

How Do Weighted Blankets Improve Mental Health?

Weighted blankets make a person sleep well as they are much more comfortable and cozy. Due to numerous factors related to weighted blankets it becomes possible for a person to get a good sleep, their mental activeness and health increases.

Deep pressure: When one is lying inside a weighted blanket, the blanked does not allow the person to shift or move much, which relaxes the body and then the mind. A relaxed mind is most prepared for a good sleep which works in improving the mental health. Although weighted blankets must be heavy enough to be comfortable and pressurizing but one should not think of lying under extremely heavy blankets as they can be too pressurizing for the body to function properly and the blood to pass through well.

Touch stimulation: When you are covered with a weighted blanket, you have a complete feeling around. The blanket gives you soft and comfortable feeling in a situation where you are not allowed to move much and just relax. This relaxation and touch stimulation has therapeutic effects on the body as well as the mind, which helps in curing the body pains and also gives one a calm and compressed sleep.

Sense of security: Often people return to bed in a chaotic mood and when they are sleeping alone it is even a bigger problem. Using weighted blanket gives you a sense of security by enveloping around you and it feels like a hug when you are enrolled in it. This produces happy hormones, relaxes the body and calms down the chaos in the mind and eventually leads to giving a good sleep.

How are weighted blankets permanent solution for troubled sleeping and its mental effects?

Troubled sleeping always brings in mental problems as one is not able to work and concentrate properly on anything. This is often seen to give rise to other mental problems as much as one starts to see a change in behavior like irritation, frustration, losing cool, etc. And so when weighted blankets are included in your night time therapies for your daily sleeping habits, this brings in comfort and calmness to one’s mind which leads to better sleeping and relaxed mind. Gradually the completing of sleep and relaxation solves the mental effects and starts making them happy. Weighted blankets can be purchased for daily use at home!

Sleeping with weighted blankets instills in you a feeling of completeness, and does not allow you to move. Its touch and comfortable feeling makes one feel relaxed and when you are not moving and experiencing a relaxation, sleep becomes a habit which is a curer of most of the mental health problems.

    Caryn Agnes

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