September 22, 2016


sleep study cost

If you have been going through some sleeping pattern disorders, snoring problems or troubled sleeping etc, it is highly probable that the doctor will advise you to go through the sleep study test. This is a test that requires a test to be done while you are sleeping. This helps in recording and finding the statistics of the sleep you have been taking and then reports are generated to know of the causes and effects of the factors that are making your sleep pattern worse or troubled. Therefore one needs to go through a sleep study to know of the reasons of the disturbed sleep, sleep apnea or other ailments contributing to weight gain. Let us get to know how to do a sleep study, the sleep study cost and about any home sleep study equipment that exists.

How To Do A Sleep Study?

After consulting your doctor and discussing the problems you have been facing with your sleep, the doctor will need an apprehension if the problems you have been talking about actually exists! For this, feedbacks from close relatives and family members would be helpful to establish the common facts. However on recognising the partial existence of the problem, the doctor would advise to take a sleep study test which will help in finding the root cause of the problems and bring out the facts. Sleep study would require you to stay in a sleep center overnight which is as good as a hotel or houseroom. This room is equipped with sleep study equipment’s and sensors which are hooked on to the patient’s body and left to attend with a doctor who stays there overnight examining your sleep pattern while you are sleeping with those sleep sensors attached to your body.

What Is The Sleep Study Cost?

Often it becomes difficult to ask the doctors and the lab people about the cost involved with the treatment we are getting. But a little transparency in dealing with the medical treatments always helps. Sleep study cost involves a stay at the hospital and equipment’s usage for a night which is a fair estimate of almost 150$ to 500$. One is required to understand the rates prevalent at some of the hospitals and find the best deal available to them.

Can We Do Sleep Study At Home?

Yes! Sleep study can be as efficiently done at home as it can be done at a hospital but with less cost involved. This is done with devices that is worn around the wrist or kept close to the patients and helps in finding the statistics and pattern of your sleep. These devices do not reflect the data as evasive and enhanced as the laboratory sleep study does but it is pretty much the best when it comes for a patient to understand and determine the sleep pattern and problems.

Is There Any Home Sleep Study Equipment?

Yes! The home sleep study equipment can be beneficial in finding out the sleep patterns of an individual by finding the related statistics by attaching them to your body. This comes in the form of wrist bands like that of PAT 100 which is helpful in reading the sleep, work and waking patterns. With the help of its statistics, it can be known if the person had a good sleep or troubled sleep. The reports are even generated in the form of graphs to understand the pattern better and derive understanding.

How Much Would Sleep Study Cost At Home?

Sleep study cost at home is very less than what is charged by laboratories and hospitals as they do not involve the night stay and doctor fees and is done conveniently at home. The gadgets for sleep study at home come is about 50$ to 100$ with no extra expense. The equipment’s can be used on a regular basis or whenever you like and prove to be assets too.

Hence sleep study cost at home is almost 50-70% less than what is charged from you at a laboratory or a hospital. Plus the benefits of doing it continuously at the convenience of your home can make you keep a sleeping track on yourself.

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