September 20, 2016


Sleep Apnea and Weight Gain

Sleeping in the day

Who Is More Likely To Suffer With Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea in its own is a minute condition which can happen to anyone from a small child to an old man. But the level of behaviors observed, the pattern and the problems associated with it bring in risk factors. Because sleep apnea does not just result in troubled sleep and is a result of many other factors and risks, it is important that you consider these!

Extreme weights: An obese person is most likely to suffer from sleep apnea than a normal weighted person. There is a possible condition that being overweight brings you 4 times the probability to get sleep apnea but it is not prominent for every obese person to have sleep apnea.

Neck: People who have thicker necks are more likely to suffer from sleep apnea, because it clogs the neck muscles with fat and does not let the muscles do its work correctly.

Narrow neck: You won’t be aware if you have naturally inherited a thin neck from inside which might be a cause for sleep apnea.

How Are Sleep Apnea And Weight Gain Related?

Sleep apnea is a condition which is often brought because of weight gain. Reportedly, it has been established that a person who has trouble in sleeping and wakes up more often in the night is likely to have binge eating habits. These habits are a reason of the frustration and inconvenience of sleep, and when the eating is done they feel tired again to sleep. Thus there are good chances of fat being stored in the body and the person starting to gain weight. So sleep apnea and weight gain increase in a vicious circle and decrease in a vicious circle too.

How To Stop Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea can be cured by making stress on the fact that you have to deal with it smartly. One must consult a doctor and notice their sleep patterns. The sleep pattern reveals the kind of sleep you have been taking. And if the fact is established, you can start framing you activities that you sleep when you are dead tired and collapse. Several habits like staying healthy, not forcing yourself to sleep but gaining sleep because of body strain, making you body want sleep, and making good habits to cure your sleep pattern would help in treating sleep apnea. Doctors sometimes prescribe oral ways of doing so and can be extremely beneficial. A regular habit of oral medicines which infuse into the blood increased levels of oxygen improves the body performance and helps in curing the sleep breaking patterns prominent with sleep apnea patients.

But if none of the home remedies are working and there has passed a good deal of time for the oral medicines, it is time one should consider the surgery option and consult your doctor about it. I will recommend to do a sleep study test before going for this option. Surgery for sleep apnea is not a very difficult and big thing, it is a small surgery wherein the doctor or surgeon understands your sleep pattern and the level of sleep apnea and thins down the uvulu and the soft palate in your throat muscles which helps in increasing the right breathing and helps in curing sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea and weight gain are very much related and can be cured with a little thought into improving one's sleeping habits.

    Caryn Agnes

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