The 10 Best Quiet Fans for Sleeping 2018 (Detailed Reviews & Buying Guide)

If you are a light sleeper, even the noise of the fan would be disturbing for you. Possibly you might have bought some fans that claim to be noise-free but actually do no such thing. There are some best quiet fans for sleeping in the market for you.

Conversely, you should know that there are fans that encourage sleeping as well. While circulating air, such fans produce a sound called “white noise”. This effective noise encourages sleep and relaxation by eliminating or reducing disruptive sounds like weather, noisy neighbours, barking dogs, and traffic.

Fan noise for sleeping and relaxation, how does it help you sleep?

​You might wonder how a fan noise can help you sleep better? Some fan can produce a so-called "white noise". Doesn't adding more noise make it harder to sleep? Adding white noise in our bedroom create a sound mask that drowns out other noise in the room.

​​Our body is always alert to any sudden changes in our environment, hence every faint noise could disturb our sleep. With the presence of white noise in the background, other noises need to reach a certain volume to be heard. The sound of white noise doesn't latch into our mind which is why they are soothing and allow us to relax and sleep comfortably.

So how are we able to produce white noise in our bedroom? A bedroom fan would be an ideal solution where you will get a cooling and soothing environment. So take a look at our recommended list below with both completely silent and fans that generate white noise.

Our Recommendation

If you are a light sleeper that gets disturbed and irritated by the noise of their fan then silent fans would be the right one for you. Some of these premium quality fans can reduce the level of noise from 60 to 70 percent when compared with conventional fans. However, there would still be some light noise created by air circulation.

On the other hand, if you can tolerate background noises then you could opt for a louder fan which produces "white noise"

The choice is yours, if you are looking for a silence fan, we have a great product for you. We highly recommend the Lasko 2554 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan with Remote which is a new technology air circulator and multiplier.

This fan has a handle for carrying it around, it also has an ionizer to ensure clean and fresh air. It also comes with a multi-function remote and 3-speed settings with quiet operation. Besides, the electronic timer can be conveniently set from half an hour to 7.5 hours.

Table of Comparison




​Rating (1-5)

Best Quiet Fans for Sleeping

  • Noise Volume: Low
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Indication Light: Yes
  • Speed Settings: 3

Rating: 4.8/5.0

Vornado VFAN Vintage Whole Room Air Circulator

  • Noise Volume: Low
  • Indicator Light: No
  • Remote Control: No
  • Speed Settings: 3

Rating: 4.3/5.0

Air King 9314 High Velocity Multi Mount Fan

  • Noise Volume: Medium
  • Indicator Light: No
  • Speed Settings: 3

Rating: 4.6/5.0

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44-Inch) with Passive Noise Reduction Technology

  • Noise Volume: Low
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Indication Light: Yes
  • Speed Settings: 3

Rating: 4.2/5.0

Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan with Remote Control

  • Noise Volume: Medium
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Indication Light: Yes
  • Speed Settings: 3

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Lasko 3300 20-Inch Wind Machine 3 Speed Cooling

  • Noise Volume: Medium
  • Remote Control: No
  • Indication Light: No
  • Speed Settings: 3

Rating: 4.2/5.0

Honeywell HT350B Quiet Set Table Fan

  • Noise Volume: Low
  • Remote Control: No
  • Indication Light: No
  • Speed Settings: 4

Rating: 4.6/5.0

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

  • Noise Volume: 56dB
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Speed Settings: 10

Rating: 4.3/5.0

Rowenta VU5551 Turbo Silence

  • Noise Volume: 40 to 57 dB
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Indication Light: No
  • Speed Settings: 4

Rating: 4.6/5.0

Vornado 783 Full-Size Whole Room Air Circulator, Adjustable Height

  • Noise Volume: Very low
  • Remote Control: No
  • Indication Light: No
  • Speed Settings: 3

Rating: 4.1/5.0

Best Bedside Fan for you (Detailed Reviews & Buying Guide)

1. Lasko 2554 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan with Remote

Looking for a tall, good looking tower fan? This is your answer! The Lasko 2554 has a wind curve and can be controlled with a remote control and button panel. It makes a great product to be used at home or office.

The 42 inch height of this tower fan ensures maximum delivery of air flow to keep your surrounding fresh and cool. It comes with a multi-function remote and 3 speed settings with quiet operation. The electronic timer can be conveniently set from half an hour to 7.5 hours.

The fan can oscillates up to 90 degrees, which provide good coverage when put in a corner. of the room. It also has an ionizer to ensure clean and fresh air. The remote control hidden at the top back of the tower.

The functions of this fan are great and the fan is fairly quiet in all settings. But the airflow is weaker compared to other bigger model but are powerful enough for small rooms. No major drawbacks, it is a good fan at a great price.

2. Vornado VFAN Vintage Whole Room Air Circulator

This fan has a Signature Vortex mechanism that ensures full air circulation in a room with its quiet, safe design. The fan blades are protected from all sides for your own safety, to ensure that no one can touch them. It is also a very good-looking metal fan with a design inspiration from the genuine Varnado, a classic design from the year 1945.

The propeller compass is deep pitched and it has double air cones to circulate and push further more air volume. The fan has 3 settings for speed on the body and a pivot head for airflow in any chosen direction. The head can be tilted a completely, you can set it manually in one place, but this fan does not oscillate.

The vintage look is a big pro along with its soothing noise and great airflow. The white noise produced would be ideal for your bedside table. However, the noise level increases with higher speed setting.

The whole fan is made of metal except for the blades and grill which is made of plastic. This product is available at a good price, in four different colors and is backed by a limited guarantee of 5 years by the manufacturers.

3. Air King 9314 High Velocity Multi Mount Fan

The Air King 9314 is an industrial grade 14-inch high velocity 9314 multi-mount fan. If you are looking for a fan with strong air flow, this is the fan for you.

This manufacturer is renowned for manufacturing powerful motors for their fans. The 9314 is made to mount on I-beams, ceilings, walls and more, ensuring that they can be used everywhere.

The fan has a pivoting head, steel blades that are powder coated, a mount and a guard. You can power the fan off or on and change circulation speeds with a pull cord enabled switch. It has a 3-speed motor which is permanently lubricated, single phase, fully enclosed and 1/20 horsepower.

This fan is a good choice if you could tolerate medium to loud white noise. The only downside of this fan is that they need to be mounted in one place but the head can pivot to compensate for the lack of portability.

4. Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44-Inch) with Passive Noise Reduction Technology

Ozeri tower fan is a three fan tower with passive noise decrement technique. The blades of this fan use blade curvature physics to produce opposite sound waves that reduce the noise of blade. Another feature is that with this new technology, the soothing airflow sounds can also be isolated.

The 3 individual fan can be controlled independently. It means that every fan can have its own speed setting, completely free of the other two fans. This way you will be able to get 9 different levels of customized cooling airflow.

With the latest digital décor and stylish innovation, this 3 fan tower has less than 3 inches of thickness. It is counted among the slimmest fans in the world with a regal base stand made of reinforced glass. It comes with 3 airflow patterns that are preprogrammed to induce comfort, relaxation, and sleep.

For most favorable air circulation, it has whisper-quiet 90 degrees oscillation. Its Added features are an LED control panel that is touch sensitive and a remote control with extended range. The LED panel provides access to every program, counting the 7.5 hour timer, which can be set at increments of 30 minutes.

With all the good things aside this fan does have some problems. One of the most common criticism is that the fan vibrates which generate a lot of noise. Another noticeable problem is that the light indication cannot be turned off. The indicator is very bright in dark room which could be irritating while sleeping.

5. Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan with Remote Control

This Honeywell 3-speed tower fan and a breeze mode that will alternate between each speed to create and natural wind current in the room which feels like a gentle outdoor breeze as opposed to a steady wind blow. The fan also comes with a timer that would turn it off at intervals ranging from 1 hour to 12 hours.

It can be controlled either with the touch LCD panel or long-range remote control that has 3 pre-programmed settings. There is a built-in flashlight, a programmable thermostat as well, which is a big bonus. The tower has a convenient air filter that can be washed and cleaned.

The tower has an oscillating head to cover a wide area of the room. The fan could be a little noisy at times, which could be an issue for people who like noise-free sleeping.

The fan also comes with a dust filter and ionizer which help relieves allergies problems. This tower has a tilted head to ensure good air circulation. Another problem with the fan would be the bright indicator light which cannot be turned off, which can be irritating to the eyes in a dark room.

6. Lasko 3300 20-Inch Wind Machine 3 Speed Cooling

Lasko 3300 is a lightweight fan that is easy to move around and comes fully assembled. It has a rugged construction and design but it is listed in safety for ETL.

It has good quiet air flow at lower speed settings and a slightly louder at higher speed settings. However, this fan does not oscillate and can only be tilted up and down.

The fan doesn't have any other extra features which are a big let down but consider the price this is what you get. It is a budget and simple fan, but for people who just one a budget fan, this is a good choice as it can generate a moderate level of white noise.

7. Honeywell HT350B Quiet Set Table Fan

The Honeywell HT350B is actually Quiet Set like its name, makes no to minimum possible noise. It is table fan in black with an oscillating head but you cannot rotate the head up or down. A simple fan with good and sensible 4-speed settings, there is no remote control.

The fan has 3 control buttons on it, namely: speed control, oscillate, power button. The fan has 4-speed settings, starting from the very high setting named power cool, followed by refresh, white noise, and power cool, in the decreasing speed order.

It is light in weight hence easy to move around. Considering the price, it is a great table fan and offers simple yet necessary features.

8. Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

Air multiplier by Dyson is a new-age technology of circulating air without blades. Surrounding air is drawn and projected at an increased speed to pass through an annular opening. This drawn surrounding air produces a cooling airflow of high velocity, hence no blades or choppy air.

The air channels of AM07 are streamlined to generate 60 percent lesser noise as compared to its predecessor AM02. AM07 air multiplier is a tower fan design that has air channels streamlined for reduced turbulence during airflow. This fan is created on the engineering of efficient energy utilization by using minimum energy to produce powerful airflow.

It comes with a remote control which you can choose up to 10 variations of airflow settings. It is magnetized and curved to be stored on the machine in a neat manner. It also has sleep timer settings. The timer setting range from 15 minutes to 9 hours.

Some users claim it to be a little noisy after certain speed setting and the product is considered a little overpriced. But it comes with 2 years of warranty on labor and parts when bought from an authorized dealer.

9. Rowenta VU5551 Turbo Silence

The Turbo Silence VU5551 standing fan by Rowenta is a standing fan with silent oscillation. This is a 4-speed setting fan with remote control and an oscillating 16-inch head. This pedestal fan has a 5 blade propeller, which is engineered to be quiet and powerful.

It provides instant cool air sensation with its 1695 cubic feet air movement in a minute. Its noise level is between 40 and 57 dB, which is recorded to be the level of noise in libraries. It has a very stable base with a high-quality sleek bronze finish.

It comes with a great feature of adjustable height and remote control functionality. And the oscillating head has a 90-degree rotation angle in four directions (right, left, up and down).

The height of the standing fan can be adjusted between 42 and 54 inches. You also get an easy grip handle to facilitate portability. The fan can be a little pricey, but it is totally worth it!

10. Vornado 783 Full-Size Whole Room Air Circulator, Adjustable Height

The Vornado room is not just a fan, it's a circulator. Instead of directly blowing air, the fan creates a special airflow in the room to help air circulation, the air in the room flow fast and cool which creates a cooling environment in the room.

With the Vornado 783, you could feel an even air circulation and temperature all through the room. It functions by moving the entire air upward by lifting it powerfully to 100 feet height to maintain quality air circulation.

It has an adjustable head; you can adjust the height from 28 to 40 inches and direct it in a particular direction. This product is only available in 120 volt-run model.

The fan is perfect even for a big room which requires temperature regulation. It will help save electricity by achieving the cool effect required without using additional fans or even air conditioner.

Silent or Best Loud Fans for Sleeping?

Are you going to buy the completely silent one or the one that makes some moderated white noise? Depends on you totally and some other factors as well. Consider the following pointers before buying:

Noise Level

You should know that no fan completely silent, all of them have a little sound of their own while functioning. However, some fans are definitely quieter than the others. You can check the noise level of a fan before buying to make sure that you are okay with that sound.

Do you live in an excessively noisy neighborhood? Then there are loud fans for you too. Their main function is to out weight the outside noises and disturbances with their own loud white noise.

Dimensions & Space

Think about the space you have at home for this fan. Will the dimensions match? Will the fan have enough space around it to oscillate easily or not?

Also, consider the location for the fan. Are you looking for a wall mount fan, table fan or a standing fan or tower? Buy according to your requirements.


What is the perfect price range? Depends on how much you can spend. Set aside some money beforehand; ensure that you know your limit before splurging.

Narrow down your choices by selecting a sub category or a set of necessary features.


Hopefully, this list of the top rated fans for silent/noisy functionality was helpful for you. Before investing your money, take into consideration all your requirements and wishes so that you enjoy good interruption-free sleep. Replacing your old noisy fan with a new technology, easy to use, air circulator will be a great step.

If you are still unsure about the best quiet fans for sleeping, do consider the Lasko 2554 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan with Remote. It is great and the fan works well at all settings at a very low noise, it is basically quite functioning. You will get quite, relaxing and sleep inducing environments with this fan.

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