June 22, 2017

Personal Comfort Bed Reviews – Is It The Best Mattress Out There?

Even bed mattresses are undergoing revolution, enabling you with new technology. The Elegance series in Compare to Sleep Number by Personal Comfort Bed present new-era products. I will help you to understand what an Air mattress is and more about Personal Comfort Bed reviews.

​Is Personal Comfort Bed The Best For You?

personal comfort bed reviews

Elegance Series is marketed by Personal Comfort Bed as being most popular for quality marksmanship and luxurious comfort. With A7, A8, and A10 beds in this series, Personal Comfort Bed claims to include almost every feature possible. The Personal Comfort A8 Bed is what I will be reviewing in detail here.

Before anything else, you need to know that the A8 Personal Comfort Bed is an adjustable-air mattress. Now, what is an adjustable-air mattress? An adjustable-air mattress has multiple layers; the top few are generally memory foam.

At the bottom is a supportive base, and air chambers are sandwiched in the middle. Take a look at the layers present in this mattress, starting from the top:

  • ​Top Panel (Aloe Vera) – Side 1
  • Fire Barrier
  • Top Panel (Bamboo) – Side 2
  • Gel-Infused Visco Foam – Temperature Neutralizing
  • Convoluted Comforting Foam
  • Centre Panel Design
  • Airlayer – Stretchable
  • Air Chambers
  • Support Foam
  • Edge Support – Advanced Wrapped Rail System
  • Mattress Cover – Bottom-most

These air chambers make this mattress, an adjustable-air mattress. There are two air chambers for two people sleeping on the mattress; each chamber has various air bags. A working electric air pump is used to maintain the desired air pressure.

Different pressure can be set for two sides of the bed. The Comfort Bed A8 has two touch screen controllers (one for each bed-side) with 45 pressure settings.​

Why Should I Buy Personal Comfort Bed?

I think you would want to know more about the multiple layers in this 13 inch thick mattress? This will help you understand that why should you invest money in this product. The A8 comes with the patented, exclusive Personal Comfort Bed seasonal reversible top cover.

The 2.5 inch top panel has a “Summer” side with smart Aloe Vera fabric that keeps you cooler and hence more comfortable. On the reverse is the “Winter” side that keeps you warm when the temperature drops. You can easily recognize each side, as it has the words “Aloe Vera” and “Bamboo” printed all over them.

The patent centre zipped panel design allows access to the comfort compartment, containing two layers. There is a Gel-Infused ThermaPhase Ventilated layer of Visco elastic memory foam and a Comfort Convoluted Certified polyurethane Foam layer. These layers add years to the life of this mattress by making the rotation of foam layers easier.

If you want, you can even switch the two comfort layers with each other, this way you can get more personalization from your mattress. As these two comfort layers (2 inches each – total thickness 4 inches) can be removed, you can easily replace or upgrade them. This way you get to renew and replenish your mattress without having to buy a new one!

Then there is an AirLayer stretchable fabric layer, which adjusts according to the air pressure in the air chambers beneath. There are two air chambers for two people sleeping on the mattress; each chamber has various air bags. A working electric air pump is used to maintain the desired air pressure.

The air chambers are made using 24-gauge treated anti-microbial vulcanized rubber. To ensure that the air displacement contours to your in a better way, these air chambers are baffled.

When comparing with the Sleep Number mattress, the Personal Comfort Bed emerges as a clear winner. The A8 excels in the Personal Comfort vs Sleep Number combat, as you get no sag guarantee and edge support. Also, there is customization, including changeable comfort layers, custom sizes, reversible covers, and warranty with risk free trials.

You also get dual remote controls with touch screen technology and many more features with premium quality, making it better. The A8 mattress comes with reinforced air hoses, an electric pump and wired remotes. The state-of-the-art fully digital pump system uses medically recognized scale of air pressure.

Remote Control

The new generation touch screen controllers offer an interface that is very easy to use. They have a rubber encasement for protection and all dual air-adjustable mattresses are accompanied by two such hand controllers. They have total of 45 settings that increases 1 at a time, starting from 5 and goes up to 50.

The internal pressure of the mattress is measured in mercury millimeters. The two-zone technology facilitates total individualized personalization and offers absolute adjustment to each sleeper. The wired remote has an RJ11 Modular Plug with 9’11” wire. The remote itself weights about 12 oz and its dimensions are 4.75” X 2.37” X 0.6”.

Just select the number for your personalized setting. By pressing the down arrow you go towards a softer mattress with less air, while increasing the number means a firmer mattress.

Pump System​

The electric pump is turned on only when you make an adjustment in the air pressure, so you are in control here. And it will not turn on without human intervention, so sleep soundly without disturbance. The twin mattress allows you to use two controllers with two-zone personalization.

With more pressure settings, with 45 options, mean that you get more comfort on your own terms. The pump uses dual diaphragm type compressor that is more efficient and quieter than the conventional piston-based compressors. It is more efficient and stays noise-free.

It uses a power cable (use of surge protector is suggested) with two RJ11 jacks. The dimensions of this pump are 7.25” X 12.5” X 4.5”.

New App​

The remote controllers that come with the mattress are wired, so it you want a wireless option, there is one! You can control your Personal Comfort Bed using your tablet or phone. Moreover, Personal Comfort is the sole Number Bed producer that provides a downloadable application to make easy mattress air adjustments.

State-of-the-art electric pump system comes with a pre-installed blue tooth, so that you can sync your mattress and phone. The app is compatible with Android and iOS both, this feature is praised by most Personal Comfort Bed reviews. Just launch the free app, choose your side of the bed and adjust the pressure, simple!

What Personal Comfort Bed Reviews Say?

One feature of the adjustable-air mattress is loved by all. It is that it has long life as most of its components can be replaced or repaired. What about everything else?

Adjustable-air mattresses are still considered as a fairly new technology, so it is costly. It is already receiving loads of positive feedback, but there is room for lots of improvement as well. With new models being introduced every day, new features are also introduced.

I will go through the major highlights of the Personal Comfort Bed A8 in the following pointers. This will help you understand this product in a better way. You will get a fairly good idea about this mattress once you have read these:


  • Like you just read, longevity, they have a long life span like most air beds
  • Good support with adjustable air chambers, above average edge support as well
  • Two-zone personalized support with 45 settings of comfort adjustment making this mattress a value potential product
  • The specifications and operating instructions are very clear and easily understandable
  • The firmer support degree and contouring features ensure lesser to no pain in back
  • Pressure points are relieved effectively but a firmer mattress might be a little uncomfortable for side sleepers. Also, if thin comfort layers are used, it causes discomfort for small to average size people
  • Great for people weighing above 230 pounds, the chamber joints are no problem either
  • Two comfort layers could use regular flipping and rotating, which a one person job. This keeps the mattress fresh and fluff
  • Not that heavy, easy portability
  • With increase in firmness, the movement on bed improves
  • No major sleep temperature problems, depends on thickness of comfort layer used, thicker means sleeping hot
  • 120 day exchange policy
  • Great foe light weight people, although they will not notice slight changes in air pressure

  • Not very durable, you might frequently face problems like
  • Because of the above reason, the customer service is always busy registering Personal Comfort Bed complaints
  • A little on the costly side
  • Motion isolation is not as good as advertised by Personal Comfort Bed. Prior users of inner spring and memory foam mattresses will be disappointed
  • There could be some cases of foul odor and off-gassing, but it mostly dissipates within a few days
  • You might also feel the need of an additional mattress topper
  • Return policy could use some improvement
  • Will require a substantial amount of assembly, but definitely a lot less than Sleep Number
  • Warranty coverage terms & conditions are not very customer friendly
  • Mattress might make squeaking, crunching or rustling noises
  • Air pump makes excessive noise, especially during night when the pressure adjustments are changed, might wake your partner

The Personal Comfort Bed A8 definitely has its list of advantages and disadvantages, but this new technology deserves a chance. People want to try something new and most of them have not been disappointed.

It is great for back, side and stomach sleepers, basically everyone. This is because; you can adjust the comfort level by adjusting the firmness of this A8 mattress by Comfort Beds. You will just have to be careful while selecting the pillow, choose wisely!

Where Can I Find Personal Comfort Bed For Sale?

The Personal Comfort Bed A8 is available online and in retail stores. You can easily get a good deal with trial period, free shipping and other goodies combined. Some sellers also offer free merchandise.

You will get the benefit of manufacturer’s warranty when you buy directly from the company or from authorized sellers. With the Personal Comfort Bed A8 you get a 25-year limited lifetime warranty.

But beware; the warranty has only initial 3-years of non prorated period. After 3 years, you will have to pay 50% for the replacement parts or repairs. These terms are mostly the standard conditions followed by most other adjustable-air mattress companies as well.

You can get a used one, which has been used for a few days, at discounted rates. People who return the mattress when they are unsatisfied, is resold at lower prices. You can one of those if you want to buy a cheaper Personal Comfort Bed A8 mattress.

Personal Comfort bed is currently offering this product (brand new) at reduced prices too. You can get a huge discount. It is recommended to buy this product during holiday sale; you will surely get a good deal.

You also get a 120 night risk-free trial period. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can exchange it with a mattress of the same value. This offer is applicable only once by the Personal Comfort Bed manufacturers.

Final Verdict

Personal Comfort A8 Bed - THUMBS UP!!!

A8 mattress by Personal Comfort Bed is an adjustable-air mattress with two-zone remote control personalization. The mattress is available in 6 size options: California King, King, Queen, Full, Twin XL, and Twin. You can also select from styles: standard or flex-head.

Most Personal Comfort Bed reviews you will read are going to praise this product, which is well deserved. The A8 mattress is perfect for all types of sleeping positions, 45 different pressure options, and a long life. The pros definitely overpower the cons.

Also, Personal Comfort is the sole Number Bed producer that provides a downloadable mobile application. You can operate the air pressure control feature wirelessly now!

If you find this review helpful in any way, share it further. Your valuable recommendations and opinions are welcome in the comments section below.

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