September 27, 2016

Laser Surgery for Snoring [WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE DECIDING]

Laser Assisted Uvulupalatoplasty

Snoring is a big problem for a lot of us as not only does it bring a lot of complaints from our partners (disturbs their sleep) but it sometimes disturbs us too. The sudden break of sleep, the dryness in the throat and the continuous sound of the heavy breathing is not a good pattern of sleeping. Obviously you have been lately finding the cures and home remedies to solve this problem. Probably the reason you are here is because none of them proved helpful and it is time to get a cure. It is important for you to know some important facts and fixtures before you go for your laser surgery for snoring.

Sleep apnea is a condition where one tends to sleep for longer hours, has troubled sleeping patterns and has loud snoring while in the sleep. This is obviously not exactly not known by the patient himself at first, comes as a complaint or information from someone you have shared the space with.


Sleep apnea symptoms include:

  • Loud snoring
  • Sleepiness in the day
  • Troubled breathing when sleeping
  • Restlessness
  • Wake-up headaches
  • Sometimes unconscious sleeping
  • Memory fading

Sleep Apnea, as not traceable by the patients themselves, needs a sleep study to be done on the patient to understand of its existence.

How To Know If Laser Surgery For Snoring Is Going To Help?

Although you must have been fighting with sleep apnea in your own way at home and making all efforts to get a good sound sleep, one must know that these habits and changes might reflect a good effect on the condition but are strictly based on your habits and lifestyle. You may force yourself to be behaving, breathing or eating in a certain way to reduce or remove the snoring sounds and improve your sleeping pattern, but it might return back after some days, months or years. 


Laser surgery for snoring is a simple way where the doctor treats your uvula and soft palate in a way that they don’t make any sound any further. The doctors basically work with the uvula and soft palate inside your nose which prevents food from entering into your nose or back and helps in taking good breaths. It keeps moving constantly in response to your breaths and thus when the doctors work on it they either go for reducing the size of it or remove it partially to cure that extra sound produced                                                                            while breathing.

How Long Does A Laser Assisted Uvulupalatoplasty Take?

Laser assisted uvulupalatoplasty is a simple procedure of curing the uvulu and the soft palate that is present in your throat. This surgery takes for almost about an hour or so by a good surgeon and can run into almost 3-4 hours of rest and care. One should know that it is a simple process and needs precision and care from doctor to do it timely and careful to bring out the best of results. There is no need to admit the patient or have a stay at the hospital because the use of anesthesia is very low and does not make the body sleepy.

What Are The Side Effects Of Laser Assisted Uvulupalatoplasty?

There is always effort involved when it comes to treating some conditions with the help of home traits. But when you are going for a surgery one like laser assisted uvulupalatoplasty, you have a medical treatment curing your ailment which can bring a lot of side effects as it is risky. The common side-effects noticed are:

  • Sore throat for almost 15 days after the laser treatment
  • The throat shall feel dry and painful for the next 3 weeks but slowly regain it normality.
  • Sometimes dry throat problems persist for years
  • Weight loss because of the liquid diet maintained after the surgery
  • 10% change in the tone and voice of a person
  • Redefining sleeping pattern
  • 98% percent of successful rate of operation

What Are The Cost Involved In Laser Surgery For Snoring?

As this is a very simple surgery but the nature of it deals with the throat and nose treatment, it highly depends on the surgeon hired as to what cost estimate will the doctor present to the patient. The cost should not be more than 3 to 4 hours of dedicated service time cost of the surgeon plus the extra cost involved with the medicines and equipments.

So if one knows about the fees of a surgeon, they can have a sweet estimate of the cost involved in the surgery and get their treatment done after consulting with their surgeon about the price. There is no need to have a stay at the hospital as it does not affect sleeping pattern or sleep and the local anesthesia used for doing this surgery only lasts for a few hours.

    Caryn Agnes