September 24, 2016

How To Wash Memory Foam Pillow [THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR YOU]


A good and clean pillow is the ultimate need for a carefree sleep. The memory foam pillow is one of the best when it comes giving comfort and peaceful sleep at night. Now the question is, can you wash your memory foam pillow? If yes, how to wash memory foam pillow? How do you remove the dust of out them and how to clean memory foam pillows to ensure they stay more durable. Lastly, why is washing memory foam pillows necessary. Well , the answer is hygiene and cleanliness. However for a complete guidance on how to clean memory foam pillows and how to maintain them, let’s know what to do!

A lot of dust settles on your pillow which is not visible on the surface of it. And you must have noticed that your pillow does not look like the way it was when you had first purchased it. The fading of the colour and the smell changes are signs that your pillow has become dirty because of continuous use and dust around. And the fact that you have to lay your face on it for a good eight hours of the night, it only makes sense to clean it and take proper care because you don’t need dirt to get on your skin and create rashes and pimples.

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A clean memory foam pillow will ensure a fresh smell from the pillows and help you stay away from dust and mites. Sometimes you tend to get irritated with your pillow in the night and are not able to understand what is troubling, these are the dust and mites which are struck in between the layer of your pillow and your skin is getting irritation because of them.

Although memory foam pillows are designed in a way that it won’t hold dust inside it, but dust does settle on the surface and first layer of it, which sometimes does not come out with the regular dusting. And that is why there is a need to clean memory foam pillows, to give you a peaceful sleep without trouble.

Can You Wash Memory Foam Pillows?

No you cannot put memory foam pillows into your washing machine and get done with it. Memory foam pillow is built of soft foam which has a pad inside it. The pressure and speed of the washing machine will spoil the soft foam of the pillow and break the padding which makes the pillow take its shape and design. You cannot just make the pillow completely wet and use a detergent liquid to wash it through the help of a washing machine or aids.

How To Clean Memory Foam Pillows?


Cleaning memory foam pillows is not a strenuous or heavy task. You can do it at the comfort of your home. Although when it comes to cleaning pillows one should know that they cannot make use of washing machine, powerful detergents, bleach, or dryers for the pillow as they can possibly harm the material and build of the pillow making it unusable. One thing that needs to be known is that the cleaning of memory foam pillows has a lot to do with the material it is made up of.

Solid Memory Foam Pillows

Solid memory foam pillows are the ones which have a thick pad, are the most comfortable for your body and does not get pressed or squeezed with pressure easily. The soft coating over it makes it the most relaxing and the preferred material when choosing memory foam pillows.

Do not make any use of detergent, washing machine, dryers etc for treating your pillow

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

If you think that your pillow indeed needs water wash, just clean it with plain water (again no Machine Washing) and let it dry naturally. Make sure the weather is hot enough to not take much time in drying up the pillow else the wet pillow might catch dust again!


Washing memory foam pillow is easy and necessary to get the cleanliness and hygiene on check. Make sure your pillow smells fresh and good before laying your face on it. As a fresh memory foam pillow is bound to give you a divine bed time. 

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