October 6, 2016

How To Fall Asleep Faster For Kids (Best Parenting Techniques)


Getting kids to sleep is no joke. If you think it always happens naturally, then you haven't been a parent for long and there's a big chance that the stress of getting your baby to sleep might overwhelm you soon enough. This article is focused on how to fall asleep faster for kids so that he or she falls asleep at the appropriate time. After reading this, you can make that possible, and quickly too.

=6 Ways To Fall Asleep Fast For Kids=

In this category, I will be explaining different methods and tips on how to fall asleep faster for kids. If these tips don’t work, see a pediatrician.

1. Create A Conducive Environment::

Kids cannot really differentiate between day and night. Therefore, you have to create a tranquil environment in order to make it easier for the child to fall asleep. Keep the room temperature as normal as possible-not too warm or cold.

It is important you turn the lights off and keep the room quiet. You could use white noise machine or turn ON the fan to mask scary noises or TV sounds. Dim the room or use nightlight, invest in a good pillow, use soft sheets and do not forget to put a stuffed animal with the child.

2. Limit Food And Drink Consumption:

Avoid giving your child heavy meal few hours to bedtime and avoid meals/snack that contain caffeine. Caffeine can stay in the body for 8 to 9 hours, interfering the kid's sleep. You should also control the child's intake of sugar at night because this could increase their energy level and you definitely don’t want them pumped up at late hours.

Regulate drink consumption after dinner in order to avoid overfilling your kid's bladder. Overfilling your child could result in waking up intermittently to use the bathroom. That’s on you.

3. Establish A Consistent Bedtime Routine:

Creating a quiet and tranquil environment like 30 minutes before the scheduled sleep time gets your baby ready for sleep. Decide a bedtime schedule and follow it strictly and consistently so that he or she can fall asleep so easily. You should introduce cues like a warm bath, brushing of teeth, dim the light, cuddle the child.

Make sure that you are not too close to your baby so that he or she isn’t accustomed to your presence at the time because when your baby notices that you’re gone, you might have a long night.

4. Establish A Sense Of Security:

If you have a kid that fears that some monster could be lurking around or hiding under his/her bed, you can help overcome these worries by putting flashlight, tucking stuffed animal or spray "monster spray" around the room. Its normal for kids, just play along.

5. Limit Exposure To Electronics Before Bedtime:

When the production of melatonin is at their highest the child feel sleepy, but the light from TV or phone screens keeps the body from making melatonin. Turn the device off at least thirty minutes prior bedtime.

6. Make Them Get Enough Outdoor Play:

This might sound like a lot, but you need your kid to exhaust all the energy he or she has gathered from food. In addition, kids that gets more fresh air and exercise during daytime sleep much more readily and soundly. To decrease the stress hormone, you can roughhouse with him/ her to get the kid laughing. It is invigorating! This has a lot to do with how to fall asleep faster for kids. After they exhaust a major percentage of the calories they have, their body would automatically demand sleep from them.


It’s almost impossible to sleep if your kid isn’t asleep yet. However, having invested your time in educating yourself on how to fall asleep faster for kids, a proper executing of these routines will help you and your baby(s) fall asleep faster.

    Caryn Agnes

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