July 19, 2017

What Are the Best Pillows for Sleeping? (How to Choose the Right Pillow)

The best pillows for sleeping, are not necessarily the ones with the most premium fabric or design, they usually provide that extra comfort that will support your body for a very long period of time. Regardless of whether you are a stomach sleeper, side sleeper or back sleeper, you need to look out for pillows with extra loft especially in the bottom third of the pillow, in order to protect your neck.

best pillows for sleeping

Making use of the wrong pillow can worsen headaches, shoulder or arm numbness, discomfort, and wheezing. Making use of the wrong pillow can exacerbate many of the underlying problems associated with sleeping pains. A wrong pillow will prevent you from getting the required number of hours for a perfect night rest.

Aside from choosing the right pillow according to your sleeping pattern, you need to ensure that your pillow has not passed its prime. Older pillows that have passed their usefulness can harbor some skin cells alongside fungus, dust mites, mildew and mold. Experts suggest that you change your pillow every 12 to 18 months, and if the pillow is after 2 years, it will definitely become useless.

What Pillow is Best for You?

If you constantly ask yourself the question; what kind of pillow do I need? It all depends on the type of sleeper you are; for instance, side sleepers will require firmer pillows that will fill up the distance between the ear and the outer part of the shoulder and if you are a stomach sleeper, you will require a thinner or, an almost-flat pillow. There are several other factors you need to consider when looking for the best pillows for sleeping, these include the following;

For Back Sleepers

If you are a back-sleeper and looking for how to choose the right pillow, you need to keep in mind that your number one priority is to search for a memory foam. A memory foam is the best option for back sleepers because it molds itself to the curve of the neck. You may also want to check out a water pillow because of its consistent support. Having the memory foam pillow under your knees can protect the lower part of your back.

Your pillow can actually make all the difference especially between a good night rest and a poor one. In order to get the right type of pillow, your first step is to be sure of what type of sleeper you are, and that is whether you are a side, stomach or back sleeper. The right pillow support should be firm but not too thick, a moderately firm pillow will ensure that your head and neck are kept in line, and that posture will make it seem like you were standing up- this also means lesser injury risk.

For Side Sleepers

As a side sleeper you may be asking yourself the question; what pillows are best for side sleepers? First of all, you will benefit tremendously by putting a pillow in-between your knees, because the pillow can help you achieve a spinal alignment, while you sleep. To support your head, you need to get a medium-firm pillow that will support the space below your neck while you are lying down. The ideal best pillow for side sleepers are those with thicker but not too thick design- they should be able to restore to normal sizes even when press down by your body.

For Stomach Sleepers

If you are searching for the right pillow for a stomach sleeper, you need to keep in mind that, sleeping on a stomach is not healthy and you should do everything possible to correct such a posture. Sleeping on your stomach will add some pressure to your lower back, and such stress can lead to some back pain when you wake up. The risks for also developing neck pains as a stomach sleeper are also high. As a stomach sleeper, you may want to consider sleeping with a giant pillow, right in front of you, to protect your body rolling over on its stomach. Check here for our guides on stomach sleeper. 

Consider the Pillow Stuffing Choices

There seems to be no shortage of pillow stuffing and each type of stuffing offers one form of benefit or the other. The commonest stuffing are the combination stuffing, including polyester, fiberfill and foam. If you are constantly asking yourself the question; wat pillows are best for neck support, you may want to consider the Memory foam as well as latex pillows because they provide additional support for the neck, hence they are becoming more popular lately. The following are the types of pillow fillings available, and their benefits;


Foams normally have more density, and the higher the density, the less likely the pillow will break down hence the more support you will get without the pillow getting too soft.

Memory Foam

Memory foam stuffing are some of the most popular because of their abilities to reduce pressure points. Memory foam pillows are the best pillows for sleeping because they can mold and adjust to the shape of the body, as you move the body all through the night. Memory foams do come in diverse shapes, including the ā€œSā€ shape that supports the neck perfectly. You need to check the type of memory foam you desire because they are notorious for increasing the temperature of the body.


This is the firmest type of pillow stuffing you can find in the market, similarly, it can resist molds and mites, hence if you constantly ask yourself; what pillows are best for neck support? You may want to choose latex because it provides re-alignment for the neck and back due to its contour design. 

The Wool and Cotton Pillow

The most desirable feature on wool and cotton pillow is that they are hypoallergenic, and for this reason, they provide the best services for individuals who are susceptible to mold and mite attacks. Wool and cotton pillows are quite firm too, hence they are not the ideal choices for those who want some squishy pillows.

Other Types of Pillows- Advance Pillows

There are some medical grade pillows that can also be useful for medical purposes, these include;

Cool pillows,

Water pillows are recommended by therapists and chiropractors for correcting some issues such as neck and back pains. They contain water that provide some customized density and support for the body. Cervical pillows come in different materials and shapes, they are known to possess some extra cushions especially in the lower portion, hence they are able to support the neck during sleep.

Cool pillows were designed for hot flashes and night sweats. They comprises of fillings made up of tiny beads, that quickly absorb and remove heat from the body, however the part of the pillow that touches your face will remain cool, hence you can remain comfortable and sleep perfectly well in the night. The Oxygen promoting pillows are special medical pillows are designed based on the technology used in the making of socks.

This type of pillow will promote air circulation for its users. The Oxygen promoting pillow is designed to increase Oxygen circulation by as much as 30%, hence it can ease off pain in some patients (including diabetic patients). Medical-grade pillows are recommended based on diagnosis only, hence you should not go for such pillows unless you are instructed by your physician to do so.

Anti-snore pillow- Certain pillows are designed to reduce the chances of snoring. The pillows are designed to adjust the contour of the neck during sleep, ensuring that the air passage way is consistently opened, hence snoring can be stopped within few seconds or minutes. To know more about anti-snoring pillow, check out our article here.

The positional pillows are the usual pillows designed for the back, stomach, and side sleepers. These pillows offer support, comfort and they come in different sizes for users. Positional pillows must be chosen based on the type of sleeping position your body attains, most of the time.


When choosing the best pillow for yourself, you need to put all the factors highlighted here before any other factor. Individuals who normally consider the price of pillows ahead of other factors often end up choosing the wrong product because they believe the higher the prices the better the services they can get.

As mentioned earlier, you need to identify the commonest sleeping position your body attains, first of all, in order to choose the right pillow, thereafter, you may want to consider the type of filling used in making the pillow, and then the size and shape, before considering the price. The more functional a pillow is, the better the price bargain ā€“ this means, you may want to consider a pillow that works best for both side sleeping and stomach sleeping at the same time, instead of choosing a pillow that serves just one purpose. You may want to compare different brands , when it comes to price, because prices may be influenced by the popularity of a brand.

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