August 16, 2017

The Best Pillow for Vertigo in 2018 (SimBalance Pillow System Reviews)

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) refers to the spinning sensation caused by calcium carbonate debris in our ears. It is the most common cause of vertigo. According to the American Hearing Research Foundation, it is most commonly noticed in people above the age of 50. Vertigo or dizziness is one of the known symptoms of BPPV. The therapists and doctors recommend physical maneuvers and exercises to treat this issue which often leave the patients exhausted. Proper positioning of the head when sleeping at night helps to achieve a good night’s sleep. A pillow does an exact same thing- it lets you relax, restores complete rest and sleep and reduces discomfort. The aim of this article is to help you find the best pillow for vertigo and assist you in head maneuvers to eliminate dizziness and nausea while you rest at night.

What is Vertigo?

The American Hearing Research Foundation says that patients suffering from vertigo complaints about lightheadedness, nausea and imbalance. The Vestibular Disorders Association explains the reason. The fluid present in our internal ear canals does not react to gravity when we not in upright position. However, the “ear rocks” or otoconia i.e. the calcium carbonate crystals, induce movement of the fluid which excites the nerves present in the ear. The nerves send a message to our brains that the head is moving, it purports a feeling of imbalance, whereas, the head is still. This is why we experience dizziness and a sensation of spinning of the head. Unfortunately, the symptoms are likely to re-occur periodically.

What is the Best Pillow for Vertigo?

best pillow for vertigo

We have learned briefly about vertigo. Now let us learn how a pillow can help in vertigo and BPPV. The feeling of imbalance in vertigo is often correlated with changing positions on the bed. When we roll or turn sides during our sleep and get out of bed, we tend to experience from disequilibrium or imbalance, spinning sensation.

A pillow specially designed for vertigo helps to keep the head in the right position while you sleep. SimBalance Pillow System is the best pillow for vertigo because prevents horizontal alignment of the head, so the head is placed slightly above the level of the torso and you don’t feel dizzy. Therefore, this pillow is highly recommended for positional vertigo and benign motion-induced dizziness.

SimBalance Pillow System standard sized pillow is manufactured by Simbalance Inc. The product dimensions are 16 x 18 x 10 inches. It weighs 6 pounds. The pillow system comprises of three individual parts with separate firmness, shape and purpose. The combination of three provides maximum support and ultimate support to comfort you.

Is SimBalance Pillow System Pillow The Best for You?

SimBalance Pillow System has three parts- the base pillow or the pillow back, the main pillow and an additional pillow.

Base pillow: The cylindrical base pillow at the back is made of visco-elastic memory foam. It forms a soft support for the main pillow and keeps it in a slanting position. The cover is made of soft Velcro fabric which locks itself to the Velcro hooks in the main pillow. This mechanism prevents the main pillow from falling off.

Main pillow: The main pillow rests at 10-25⁰ angle taking the support of the base pillow. When you keep your head on the pillow, it keeps your head at a tilted position. It is firm and made of high-quality hypoallergenic fiber clusters. It easily supports the neck when you turn sides or roll during your sleep.

Supplemental pillow: It is placed in the front, at the base of the main pillow. It has multiple functions, such as- height adjustment, shoulder support and neck roll. It helps your shoulders to rest at a proper height in accordance with the main pillow. Therefore, it also supports the shoulder. In addition to these, you can use it as a neck roll.

It is the best vertigo pillow relief. You can do adjustments with the pillow system according to your height. If necessary, you may use either of three pillows individually.

Why Should I Use This Pillow?

SimBalance Pillow System is a unique system that allows its users to get optimal comfort. The 400 thread count cotton pillow cover is hypoallergenic. The thread counts stand for silky feeling and durability. The cover is gentle on your face and it is breathable so you don’t feel hot when you sleep.

Your head position is correlated with the movement of the ear rocks and orientation of the vestibular system. According to the researchers, the horizontal position of the head is not ideal if you have vertigo or BPPV, and in such cases a recliner or stacked pillows are helpful. The unique SimBalance Pillow System keeps your head at a 10-250 slanting position. It restricts the movements of the ear-rocks.

The base pillow has been engineered to give a firm support to the main pillow. Once you find your ideal position- height and angle, you can lock the main pillow with the base pillow to maintain the same height throughout the night.

The position also helps in effortless head maneuver BPPV exercises during your sleep. You can also use the pillows individually when you are not doing the head maneuver.

The additional/supplemental pillow can be used to support your neck and shoulder when the main pillow is titled. Or, you may wrap it around your neck as a soft neck pillow for support

You can configure the pillow system according to your height and needs and it is the best positional vertigo pillow. You can fix the position of the base pillow and the main pillow to find your ideal sleeping position. Petite users may only choose to sleep on the base pillow if he/she finds the overall height of the tilted main pillow tall.

The pillow system works perfectly well for all kinds of sleepers. Whether you sleep on your back or sides, the pillow system will not let your head fall off the place.

In addition to all these, the pillow system helps if you have sleep apnea (snoring) and it supports your lumbar region and relaxes your muscles.

According to the reviews, this pillow works well for vertigo patients. Though, initially, you have to do the adjustments and find your comfortable position for the head. After sleeping on it for a few nights you can experience a healthy and sound sleep without dizziness.

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Final Verdict

​SimBalance Pillow System-

SimBalance Pillow System is the best pillow for vertigo because it rests your head at a perfect tilted angle so the ear rocks’ movement is restricted in the vestibular organ. And it also helps in head maneuver exercises when you sleep.

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