August 18, 2017

Best Pillow for Forward Head Posture in 2018 (The HeadRight Reviews)

Forward Head Posture (FHP) causes the upper back muscles to continuously overwork. Our body muscles exert themselves to counterbalance the gravitational pull on forward head position. You can help yourself by buying the best pillow for forward head posture; I have a good suggestion for you.

In our current lifestyle, we engaged in various activities that might cause forward head posture. When you tilt your head lower for texting, using a desktop or any other such activity, it puts added pressure on your neck. This excess pressure on cervical extensor leads to serious problems like pain in neck, headaches, and nerve damage.

Spinal Healing Solutions The HeadRight

best pillow for forward head posture

The HeadRight by Spinal Healing Solutions assists in correcting and completely preventing the FHP, hence saving your nerve system and spine. Designed for side and back sleepers, this unique orthopedic pillow promotes spinal healing.

It contains hand assembled and strategically combined multiple polyurethane density blends. There are two sided support sections that are basically good for the spine. It is super soft and shaped like an “egg crate”, thus making the surfaces comfortable for your spine. This all wrapped in a cotton cover that is custom fitted for forward head posture correction.

This is not an ordinary pillow; it follows a ‘posture correcting sleep system’ that will help in FHP correction. It provides the ideal mid-line spine to head support to side sleepers and corrects FHP in back sleepers.

The mid-section neck roll is spinal curve altering, which maintains the ideal 60-degree spinal curve for back sleepers. As the best pillow for forward head posture, it will be a great relief for people suffering from FHP.

Is This Pillow The Best For You?

This pillow is most certainly effective, as it reduces the buildup of persistent spinal strain and stress. If you sleep on the HeadRight every night, you will eventually start feeling the difference as your pain levels will decrease exponentially.

The spinal degradation that happens during the day due to your posture will be healed fully at night.

It restores the biomechanically acceptable neck curve with its 3 contoured, distinct side sleeping planes that make a posture correcting sleeping system. The two contoured super soft, textured side supports are connected by a neck roll.

Why Should I Use This Pillow?

Regular forward head posture actions and continuous forward head positions like texting, excessively low computer monitors, and high pillows cause FHP. These positions and other bad posture habits when repeated continuously cause spinal disc degeneration, head, neck, and back pain.

According to chiropractic principles of ‘upper cervical specific’, the design of this pillow relieves lower back pain and promotes full spine alignment.

Continuous use of this pillow will most certainly relieve you from that annoying neck, shoulder and cervical pain caused by forward head posture. When you correct your sleeping posture, your body will heal each day’s wear and tear as it should so you wake up fully recovered.

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Final Verdict

The HeadRight Pillow -

The HeadRight is undoubtedly the best pillow for forward head posture that will reduce that daily strain and stress accumulation in your back and spine.

A must buy for people who are facing symptoms of FHP; this pillow will certainly help in a great way. Share this article and spread the awareness.

    Camille Duff

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