August 10, 2017

The Best Pillow for Ear Pain (The Womfy Ear & Neck Pain Relief Pillow Reviews)

The most common thing that majority pillow makers often miss is the comfort of your ear. All of you and especially the side sleepers will agree with me on this. So, let me help you find the best pillow for ear pain that actually works.

When you sleep on firm memory foam or feather pillows they exert extra pressure on your outer ear. This pressure causes discomfort and unnecessary pain. And if you have recently undergone an ear surgery, the pain could get even worse.

best pillow for ear pain

Why are pillows square when your head isn’t? That is the question asked by The Womfy, they believe that square is not a comfortable shape for you to sleep on. So they have created a unique shape that will provide optimum comfort to you while sleeping.

This pillow comes with a foam core and a gel topper that is covered with a pillow case made of bamboo jersey. This pillow case or riser is available in two forms, soft riser, and a firm riser. Or you can choose to go without the riser that comes with the Womfy ear & neck pain relief pillow.

These options enable you to choose the comfort and support level that you want from your pillow. Hence the height of the pillow also changes that will help you align your spine. This unique shape pillow will help keep your back, neck, and shoulders in the neutral position.

It comes with a utility patent ensuring that it is, in fact, a very different product. It has anti-compression contours that help in controlling restlessness, sinus obstruction, and forehead creases. Yes, this special pillow for ear pain is anti-wrinkle as well!


Is The Womfy Ear & Neck Pain Relief Pillow The Best For You?

This pillow is indeed the best thing that will happen to you and it is a total rejoice for side sleepers. It is an MD recommended product that will not put pressure on your ears, mouth, or face. It is immensely comfortable and you will surely enjoy an ultimately relaxed sleep.

The reason that it is so comfortable is that the shape of this pillow is attained by copying the organic shape of your head. You will not experience any pain in your ear with this, making it the best pillow for ear pain. It will remove all pressure from sides with the ear holes, meant for sensitive ear buds, piercings, and earlobes. Its main features include:

  • Unique shape

  • 7 color options

  • 3 riser thickness options

  • 2 size options

  • MD recommended

You get to choose from two size options of this pillow, medium thick and medium soft. This is in addition to the riser height options. This is another best part of this pillow that you get to mix and match the riser height and the size of pillow.

This is a pillow with a difference, which will not press against your face instead it caresses your face. The patent design with ear holes is responsible for eliminating the pressure completely from the ear lobes. Even if you sleep on your back, the bow shape of this pillow will lovingly cradle your head. You can check out our recommendation for ear hole pillow

What Do The Reviews Say?

Most reviews agree that this is indeed a great pillow for ear sore, it protects and soothes your ear. You do not have to worry about keeping this pillow clean either. The core memory foam (made from bamboo jersey with velvet feel) of this pillow is washable and hypoallergenic.

The height adjustment option is great, loved by many, with medium soft you get 1” thick foam that goes inside the pillow. It includes two thicknesses, low rise (without the riser) and medium rise (riser is included). As the Womfy pillow eases the pressure from ears, mouth, and face, so it could improve:

  • Microtia, sinus, ear, jaw, face, shoulder, and back tension
  • Forehead elevens, morning lines, pillow creases, and sleep wrinkles
  • Trouble falling & staying asleep

It is a suitable pillow to protect sore ear and that is why it is also recommended by doctors. However, I need to add here that this pillow is not that great for back sleepers, it will work but you might not be fully comfy. And then there is the gel-foam topper, which ensures you get a cool sleep. 

If you are interested in pillows targeting for back pain, check out our reviews here.

Final Verdict

The Womfy Ear & Neck Pain Relief Pillow - THUMBS UP!!!

The Womfy Ear & Neck pain relief pillow is undoubtedly the best pillow for ear pain, as it alleviates pressure from ear lobes. Its benefits are not just limited to your ear, it is ideal for a comfortable sleep and a crease free face. The removable riser is a great option too; you can also buy a separate individual riser if required.

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