August 11, 2017

The Best Leg Pillow for Hip Replacement (EverRelief Knee Pillow Reviews)

After a complicated and dangerous surgery like hip replacement, you cannot afford any sort of mistakes. Ensure that you follow all precautions and instructions given by the doctors. Make your bed comfortable by using accessories like the best leg pillow for hip replacement for optimum support.

A few months after the surgery you need to take proper care of your hip and the way you move it. Also, during your regular activities make sure that you move carefully and do not dislocate your hip.

EverRelief Knee Pillow for Back & Hip Pain Relief

This knee pillow by EverRelief serves many purposes; it supports your hip and back after surgery. It is a good pillow leg wedge for people who sleep on their side and relief from pregnancy or sciatic pain. This product outperforms its competitors and has been tested for quality by numerous customers.

best leg pillow for hip replacement

This leg pillow for hip pain contains memory foam with high-density that is capable of reacting to your body type and body temperature. The therapeutic foam will not get flat with prolonged use and will absorb pressure where needed. This pillow provides great extra support to pregnant ladies with an optimum alignment of the spine.

The memory foam is thermo-sensitive and it works by slightly elevating your leg. However, it does not hold the leg in an uncomfortable high position, which makes it great for side sleepers. The soft velour dark gray color of this pillow can be easily cleaned as it is washable.

Is This Leg Pillow The Best For You?

Be extra careful during the recovery time by making small changes like using the best leg pillow for hip replacement. How does this pillow do that? By encouraging optimum alignment for the spine and it’s a carefully designed pillow that decreases pressure on:

  • Legs

  • Hips

  • Ankles

  • Lower Back

It keeps your spine, hips, and legs in the right parallel position for side sleepers. Your satisfaction and comfort are excessively important while sleeping so that your hip and spine stays in the right position. You can place the pillow in various positions surrounding the knee. This will enhance the blood circulation and prevent pains and aches.

What do The EverRelief Knee Pillow Reviews Say?

The reviews for EverRelief Knee Pillow have been exceedingly positive and supportive as it can be the best leg pillow after hip surgery for you. Doctors suggest that you do not put extra pressure of any sort on your hips after the replacement surgery. So, while lying in the bed it is crucial that you take certain precautions.

First, do not sleep on your stomach or your side (specifically the side just operated). But if you are a side sleeper and you want to sleep on your other side, support is necessary. Check out our recommended pillow for side sleeper.

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Final Verdict

EverRelief Knee Pillow - GO FOR IT!!!

You should definitely buy a pillow to place between your thighs if you are a side sleeper. It makes sense to get the best leg pillow for hip replacement after the big surgery.

This way your body will heal correctly and you will experience no pain.

    Caryn Agnes

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