May 30, 2017

The 5 Best Latex Mattress Topper Reviews for 2018 (Including Buying Guide)

Whenever you are thinking of purchasing a latex mattress topper, you get confused. That is alright because you are not the only one. In fact, it is one of the wisest decision you made to get one to place it on your current mattress. You will find here the best latex mattress topper reviews along with its importance and a guide to buying one. In that way, you will not make a blunder neither there will be any oversight or miscalculations. There are various reasons to purchase this and the most common one is if your current mattress is uncomfortable or old. The mattress is something people do not buy often, it can happen that some people have been using the same one for more than a decade or two!

Our Recommendation

The Ultimate Dreams Latex Soft Mattress Topper is the topper we highly recommend. They are full of features and advantages that will make you sleep well. The Ultimate Dreams Topper is made from Bamboo which is going to ensure that you have a natural and comfy feel. Who likes to feel fake or they are sleeping on something made from chemicals? Nobody does. It will also not move from its place and even after months of usage, you will see that it is still like day one.

Dealing with back pain is painful and trying various remedies can only help temporarily. If you are suffering from back pain, you need to sleep on a surface every night that lets your body stay in a firm position. The regimen will blend with your back making it suitable to get a proper rest. Mattress also dies out after two or three years. Therefore, put this topper and you will feel like you have a new mattress.

The mattress is not like a memory foam and way better than that. It is easy to assemble and put on the bed. It is more solid and firm that you think. It is not too soft neither too hard. It will also ensure a cool surface for you to sleep on. There is no need to stress about the foam coming apart. It can last for many years and you do not have to spend your money over and over again. I can say with bells on that it is one of the finest ones because the structure and mechanism suit so perfectly that you can eat, sleep and breathe it after putting it on the bed. The size of the holes is remarkable and those who deal with a hot mattress should get this immediately.

It is a must-have as it cuts off heat and sends cooling waves. That is not something you find in toppers everywhere. Many toppers come with strange smells and odors but this one has no such issues. People feel like they are in a deluxe bed because this is a premium mattress topper from e luxury.

It is also easy to maintain, takes care of your sleep and health and the perfect purchase. If your mattress is not letting you sleep, this should help. It will quickly alter the feel of your old mattress.

Table of Comparison




​Rating (1-5)

best latex mattress topper reviews

  • Material: Bamboo

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper

  • Material: Natural Latex

Rating: 4.2/5.0

Certified Organic Latex mattress Topper by Organic Textiles

  • Material: Latex

Rating: 4.3/5.0

E luxury 100% Latex Mattress Topper

  • Material: Latex

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Ultimate sleep 100% Natural Latex Foam Mattress Pad Topper

  • Material: Natural Latex

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Here Are Top 5 Mattress Topper

1. Ultimate Dreams Latex Soft Mattress Topper

If you are looking for an additional softness or relief from pain and get pressure point relief, the 3-inch blended latex topper is going to turn your old mattress into something wonderful. By accumulating one of the toppers to your bed you are putting a layer of one of the peak quality foam in the mattress industry. The company produces the toppers in a natural bamboo fabric. It is designed to put on a layer of softness to the bed.

It is chiefly suitable for those who suffers from illnesses or allergies who are also striving to achieve pressure point relief. Arthritis patient can get relief from all kinds of main and maintain the position of the spinal cord which is vital for a proper sleep and perfect health. Latex is one of the toughest products in the industry. It delivers unbeatable comfort and support without the dropping feeling. If you have a problem falling asleep, you can always get this and sleep without any disturbance. The body remains in a position where the pain reduces and the one sleeping has no bodily issues. The reason it is so stable and firm is because of the bamboo which maintains the shape. You will be able to sleep comfortable as you do not sink deep into the latex.

2. Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper

This 2" Topper comes from 100% Natural Latex and it feels like sleeping on a natural surface. The two-inch latex mattress topper is an additional support to the bed while also refining the feel of the surface of bed. You can tell from the name that it is fully green and eco-friendly available on the market. The material of the foam guarantees superior resiliency and pliability. It offers stunning robustness and delivers definitive comfort no matter what your sleeping position is.

If your memory foam is not right to you, this surely will. Most people change their positions during sleep and that can cause many kinds of bodily pains and aches. The pure green topper is for those who wants the freedom to sleep in any way they like and not deal with aches and pains. Currently, if you are dealing with joints pain, you can get this and the reduction in ache will be significant. You will notice that instantly. It also breathes well and that is why you can put it if your bed is hot. Memory foams trap heat which can be troublesome if you are trying to get a good night’s sleep. It is your solution to heat problems but a ridge can form so be careful.

3. Certified Organic Latex mattress Topper by Organic Textiles

The topper is made from organic cotton and it is a certified one with no fillers, chemical additives and completely pure. The edges are tough and solid to ensure that there are no lousy edges. It is not going to sag or slump. It requires low maintenance because it is anti-fungal, antimicrobial, resistant to dust mites and strong. The organic cotton is the reason to why it is so durable and pure. You do not to spend your money on something that will start to become saggy after usage of few months. It is 100% certified organic latex topper that does not have a single trace of chemical additives and comes from safe botanical, eco-friendly, all natural mechanisms without poisonous chemicals or artificial petroleum based fillers. No softeners, fresheners, odor camouflage, stain guards, or anything as such was included in the manufacturing process.

Sleep is important if you want to have a lot of strength and end up with a healthy life. The organic sleeping atmosphere is the key to getting the energy you need. The topper which is for keeping on the surface where you sleep will work hand-in-hand with your body. There will be no heating, no discomfort or uneasiness. The only problem could be the smell. The topper will go great guns along with you and your bed.

4. E luxury 100% Latex Mattress Topper

The E-luxury latex mattress pad and topper also has no adhesives, fillers or seams and the design is suitable for any kind of individuals. It is a product of the USA and it is particularly suited for letting air pass through. As a result, your bed surface will never be warm. It comes with cooling waves. It can also eliminate motion transfer so you can relax more. There is a 30-day refund if you do not want it. There is no need to stress about it because you will love.

You will not feel your old mattress under it. The sleep will be extra comfortable and relaxing. People who bought this are happy with it because they believe that it has enhanced their quality of sleep. Many people are suffering from back pain and one of the main reason to get this is to help your spinal cord. You will think that you are living in an ivory tower. The topper will hit the road running as soon as you place it on the bed. One problem could be that people are saying that the cover is missing whereas the company clearly states that they send it with a cover.

5. Ultimate sleep 100% Natural Latex Foam Mattress Pad Topper

It is indeed the best because it is 100% latex and natural without any sort of chemical or fillers. The holes are the right size just to let the topper breathe and ensures softness. The topper is the first out of the gate to guarantee less pain, more relief from aches and targeting the pressure point. You should have your heart set on this as it is soft, bouncy and compact. It is not light or lumpy. Do not think that after sleeping for few months, a ridge will form.

There is also a 30-day trial period. When a company is providing you with this deal, you can tell that this is a solid and well-built product. The manufacturers know that you are going to adore it and keep it with you. It is also perfectly hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. If you are dealing with any sort of bodily pains and have trouble because of your sleeping positions, you can say good-bye to the pain. It is hundred times better than a memory foam.

Things to Consider When Getting the Best Latex Mattress Topper

You cannot simply go to the market and buy one because that will suit you. It will be simply a waste of your money. One thing is for sure that your current mattress is not helping you get a beautiful sleep. Many latex mattress toppers review might put out all the tops to convince you that their one is the best, but you should know what you need. For example, some folks require a softer one while others can depend on a firm and solid one.

1) Coolness

You must check if the structure of the best latex mattress is keeping you warm or cool. Rather than buying it, while you are checking it find out about its mechanism. It should have holes that are perfectly sized and be able to breathe. If the surface is hot, you will not be able to get proper sleep. Find out what kind of ventilation system they have or what material they used. If they are using fillers, the bed will become hot.

2) Maintenance

Some latex mattress toppers require less upkeep to preserve it in its top-notch condition. You are already purchasing it with money, you cannot worry about it all day long. The reason you are buying it is to get some relief, therefore, one that is resistant to stains and dust mites is a good choice. Some mattress toppers are simple to maintain with no effort at all whereas some require a lot of care. Failing to upkeep and preserve them with make them form ridges and slopes and make it difficult to sleep.

3) Durability

The toppers have to be durable and will last longer than the mattress they used on top of. Since latex foam is the most tough type of foam used in the industry. There are people who have had latex mattresses toppers for more than 20 years or so. If you can get your hands on a fine product, it should not wear away or lose its thickness. The exhibit a stunning performance.


As you can see that these are the best latex mattress topper reviews. Making the choice can be demanding and not a walk in the park. That is why find out which one you need and it will be a breeze to get the perfect surface of bed so you will feel like you are resting on a floating cloud. There are three kinds of firmness: soft, medium and firm. Depending on your heath and wish, you can get the latex mattress topper. Always keep these three things in mind when shopping for the best one: comfort, durability and breathability. Get the Ultimate Dreams Latex Soft Mattress Topper as it is the best deal for anyone.

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