May 20, 2017

The 5 Best Latex Foam Pillows Reviews for 2018 (Including Buying Guide)

Welcome! Now that you are here, you must definitely be looking for information concerning the best latex foam pillows in the market, right? We are glad to tell you that you have come to the perfect place! The following extensive evaluation about pillows along with the best latex foam pillows reviews is sure to provide you the right analyses of different products available in the market. Apart from offering you tips and advice regarding the selection of the best product, our expertise and research will also provide you with a guided recommendation for the most favorable latex foam pillow available.

We have accumulated knowledge by conducting experiments and assessing user reviews to provide you with this credible insight and rest assured, you will be in a better position of choosing the best pillow once you are finished reading this. So, let’s get started!

Our Recommendation

Latex pillows dominate over other constructions due to its ability to provide the right amount of softness and support to the sleeper. These qualities are what differentiates the Malouf Latex Zoned Pillow from the rest of the competition. The Z, as it is called in the prosumer circle, is laced with small and large holes in the body which offers the latex superior breathability and airflow, making it incredibly comfortable for your head while providing sufficient firmness to support the neck.

The Z’s moldability, characteristic of latex foam pillows, is best-in-class and adapts to any sleeping position you may be accustomed to. The light weight and loftness takes up your body shape providing ultimate comfort. The firmness of the fabric offered yields healthy support to your neck at all times without compromising the softness for your head. The variety of models that cater to the needs of stomach, back and side sleepers makes sure that you are not subjected to the unhealthy ‘sinking in’.

We believe that a pillow capable of adapting to the sleepers shape provides optimum comfort and thus, the Malouf Z Pillow justifies our recommendation. Perfect sleep: Guaranteed!

Table of Comparison




​Rating (1-5)

best latex foam pillows reviews

  • Size: 11.4X6.3X2.8 inches
  • Weight: 2 lbs

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Latex Foam Pillow by Simmons Beautyrest

  • Size: 29X18X6.1 inches
  • Weight: 3.1 lbs

Rating: 4.2/5.0

Slim Sleeper - Natural Latex Foam Pillow

  • Size: 24X16X2.4 inches
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs

Rating: 4.5/5.0

GOODREAM Talalay Latex Pillow

  • Size: 23.6X15.8X5.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs

Rating: 4.2/5.0

Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow

  • Size: 17.1X8X8 inches
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs

Rating: 4.2/5.0

Best Latex Foam Pillows Product Reviews

1. Malouf Latex Zoned Pillow

Construction - The Malouf Z Latex Pillow is arguably the most comfortable product in the market currently. With this creation’s range of models, Malouf has introduced a pillow that caters to you, whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper. It is fabricated of 100% natural latex and is designed with a number of holes in the body which provides the build efficient breathability and airflow to keep the latex aerated.

This characteristic yields superior durability to the Z pillow. The cover is made of 75% polyester and 25% rayon from bamboo. Its all natural construction makes the Z allergy-free.

Comfort - What’s the most significant feature of this pillow is its ability to provide the most comfortable softness to the head along with offering optimum firmness for healthy neck support. The Malouf Zoned Latex Pillow offers high moldability that takes up your body shape, thus, relieving your spine and neck of any strain and constrained movements during sleep.

Cleaning - The Z is washer and dryer friendly, thus eliminating the cleaning mess that is generally accompanied while maintaining the health of pillows.

The Z is perfect if you are looking for a 100% natural outcome of the industry and are looking to purchase a pillow that offers customizability. The pillow is sold in a range of designs that offer varying degrees of loftness, firmness and softness. You can choose the right make depending on your preferred sleeping position. So, whether you are a side sleeper or one that frequents different positions during a night’s sleep, do not worry; the Malouf Zoned Latex Pillow has got you covered!

2. Latex Foam Pillow by Simmons Beautyrest

Make - Simmons Beautyrest’s Latex Foam Pillow is manufactured out of pure 100% natural latex. The make does not include any synthetic additives which makes the pillow allergen-free and highly comfortable. The natural composition of the pillow does not pose any irritation threat to the skin. The fabric is very smooth and soft which leaves a significant result on the overall quality of sleep.

Unlike pillows that have added synthetic, non-organic material, Simmons Beautyrest’s latest does not create the discomforting grating feeling on the skin. The natural build also yields a high degree of usability and durability to this pillow.

Comfort - The Latex Foam Pillow by Simmons Beautyrest offers optimum comfort for side as well as back sleepers. The primary concern that most side sleepers hold is the stress that the neck and spine undergo during sleep due to unnatural distribution of pressure points. This pillow maintains a superior degree of softness that lets the body ‘sink in’, while providing perfect support for the neck and head to release any unwanted stress region.

It helps you slip into the comfort of the pillow providing adequate support and avoiding the flattening of your body. Lack of constrained movements just translates into better sleep quality for you!

The cover sports a 300 thread count and anti-pathogen surface. It can easily washed and dried by water. It is available in three sizes viz. King, Standard and Queen. We have surveyed hundreds of users and this pillow has been preferred by most side sleepers due to its ability to provide a general firmness and not the ‘sink in’ characteristic of other pillows on the market. Side sleepers tend to stress their neck a lot and this pillow’s make and design caters to them because it not only supports the spine, but also yields optimum comfort to provide you with a sound sleep at night!

3. Slim Sleeper - Natural Latex Foam Pillow

Material - The Slim Sleeper is made out of 100% natural latex and boasts of anti-dustmites, anti-allergen and anti-microbial qualities. This is the best low profile pillow in the market and will help you fall in sleep way faster if you prefer to sleep on your back or use it for your stomach. The pillow measures approximately 16X24X2.75 inches. It is neither too thick nor too thin, and as a result it is perfect if you are the kind of sleeper that prefers a little firmness for the head.

This pillow does not let the head sink in but don’t mistake this to be highly uncomfortable. In fact, the limited softness does not constrain the comfort this pillow offers. The low degree of softness yields structured comfort for your neck and spine to relieve the pressure points, if there are any.

Build - Like most all natural latex pillows, the Slim Sleeper’s core is laden with holes that allow the fabric to breathe air. This airflow keeps the latex aerated and fluffy all the time, preventing the pillow from getting warm. Goodbye sweaty nights!

The Slim Sleeper’s latex body maintains your body shape when in use. This makes it highly adaptable to your body structure if you are a stomach sleeper. The thin design provides optimum comfort to offer you a stress-free body structure during sleep!

4. GOODREAM Talalay Latex Pillow

The Goodream Talalay Pillow is built out of 100% natural latex. Like most latex pillows, Goodream’s latest offers a high degree of usability and durability. Being an organic element, latex lasts for a long time, thus yielding a high life of usage.

Make - The highly dense elastic fibers of the latex lend a characteristic memory element to the pillow that enables it to remember your body shape when in use. This makes it highly efficient for side and back sleepers. The maintenance of body shape prevents you from shifting uncomfortably during your sleep, while providing effective support for the neck and spine.

Comfort - The Goodream Talalay Pillow does not permanently take irregular shapes and hence, does not require fluffing. The quality of the pillow to adapt to your body shape according to your sleeping position makes it ideal for both, back and side sleeping. It not only provides comfort to the distressed parts of the body, thereby relieving any pressure points, but also provides considerable support and firmness to hold the body in a healthy position.

This pillow is allergen, microbial and dust free and can be cleaned easily without affecting the fabric of the product.

5. Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow

Construction - Brooklyn Bedding’s latest is a masterpiece. Its all natural latex design is capable of what most memory foam pillows aren’t; quick recovery of shape. The pillow’s talalay latex build made us question the quality that latex could bestow upon a pillow. It is one of the softest pillows in the market with a resilient structure that adapts to your body shape when in use. The pillow is not too thick as well and is aerated with the help of holes laced in the core of the body. This keeps the pillow cool at all times, which affects the quality of your sleep positively.

The dark, smooth cover can be easily unzipped and washed whenever you desire. Latex is non-toxic in nature and thus, provides anti-microbial characteristics to this pillow.

The plushy pillow yields top-class support for your neck and spine when you sleep on your side and is great to snuggle up with. The pillow is available in the Standard size and is weighted decently. Brooklyn Bedding offers a 120 night free trial run, but promises great value for money. The soft latex does not push back on your body, but engulfs your body in, obtaining the same body contour.

The aeration keeps the pillow extremely cool due to which you can even comfortably position your hand under the pillow while sleeping on your stomach.

Buying Tips and Advice

The pillows are an essential home and bed component and while selecting them, considering the usability, durability as well as comfort is of much significance. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while selecting your new pillow-

1. Durability

Most synthetic pillows are susceptible to microbial growth, which promote allergies. Synthetic material while cheap, plays foul over the long run. Whereas, organic builds like latex pillows are allergen-free and can be used for a long duration of time as compared to other makes of pillows.

2. Contour Ability

The pillows are meant for comfort and support. While selecting your pillow, it is highly significant for you to choose a make that is capable of adapting to your body during sleep. Good contouring characteristics will offer you optimum comfort and sufficient firmness for an effortless and free body structure.

3. Moldability

The pillows are entirely too plushy can make you feel like a king for the first few nights. Softness is the holy grail when it comes to anything even remotely related to sleep. However, after a couple of weeks, you might experience a strained back or neck. Too much love isn’t healthy after all, eh?

It is important for you to select a pillow that contours its shape according to your body. Latex pillows perform particularly well in this domain.

4. Snugly

Who doesn’t want to cuddle with their pillows? If all other parameters were made redundant, this would be the only meter for choosing a pillow. However, in practice, not all makes of pillows offer the cuddly feeling. While latex doesn’t score too well on this index, there are other materials that offer the perfect cuddling sensation. So if you are the kind of person that prefers a cuddly pillow over anything else, you should probably give the latex pillows a hard pass.


So, that’s that. This is definitely the most comprehensive piece of information about the best latex foam pillows reviews available online. Choosing the right pillow for your needs is a complicated decision. The above mentioned reviews and favorable characteristics of perfect pillows will help you make the best choice. Pillows are available in a variety of sizes and makes but its really up to you in the end, to select one that caters best for your needs.

As stated above, the Malouf Latex Zoned Pillow still stands as the most dominant product in the market and is highly recommended by us.

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