August 3, 2017

The Best Pillows for Elderly (Find the Right One for Your Family)

It’s commonly perceived that elderly sleep for lesser in comparison. But they need proper rest just like people at any other age. And a good night’s sleep is crucial for complete rest and there are some best pillows for elderly that will help.

A comfortable and soothing environment in the bedroom is even more essential at this age. Be it bed rails, mattress pads or functional pillows that could aid easily getting into and out of bed.

Our Recommendation

There are various options available depending upon your particular needs and requirements. I would like to recommend the Royal Hotel's Goose Down Pillow. Your bedding will feel so much more comfortable and luxurious with this set of pillows.

It is available in standard and king sizes, with the king size dimensions being 36 X 20 inches. Selecting the right pillow is as essential as all other bedding accessories. A calming place to put your head on while you sleep is necessary, without any sort of irritation or discomfort.

Your bedding will feel so much more comfortable and luxurious with this set of pillows. The pillows are better if bought in a set of two, I would recommend that.

Table of Comparison




​Rating (1-5)

best pillows for elderly

  • Dimension: 36 x 20 x 8 inches
  • Item Weight: 10 pounds

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Puredown Goose Feather and Down Pillow

  • Dimension: 26 x 18 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight: 5.7 pounds

Rating: 4.5/5.0

WEEKENDER Down and Feather Blend Pillow

  • Dimension: 19.3 x 27.6 x 5.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.5 pounds

Rating: 4.1/5.0

Product Reviews

1. Royal Hotel's Goose Down Pillow

A luxury retreat by the Royal Hotel with Down Pillows that have 750 Fill Power and 60 oz. filling (king size). This makes them extra soft and lush and the covers are pure cotton with 500 thread count.

This premium pillow comes sealed from the factory in a zipped package that looks beautiful. It is available in standard and king sizes, with the king size dimensions being 36 X 20 inches.

The cover edges have a silky double piping that gives an elegant clean finish. The filling is hand plucked down with the ratio of more than 75 percent down and the rest are small feathers. While filling it is ensured that the large white clusters of down are completely free from bacteria.

As compared to other down filled pillows, these are firmer but they are softer when compared to memory foam. However, they need to be dry cleaned only. And for instant fluffing up, you can use a dryer. You get premium quality pillows that look and feel elegant at a genuinely good price.

2. Puredown Goose Feather and Down Pillow

Another great set of pillows for you, with a different design. These pillows by puredown have a 2-inch gusset siding and the pillow cover has a double diamond lattice quilting. The fabric cover is 100% cotton (233 thread count) and it has a double layer design.

The multiple layers of the pillow cover make sure that the feathers do not poke out and prick you from anywhere. It is offered in standard or queen and king sizes, the dimensions of the king size are 18 X 34 inches. The filling is a ratio of 5% down and 95% goose feathers and the gusset gives the pillow added height.

Gusseted pillows create problems fitting into covers or protectors, but this one will fit right in. These are undoubtedly the best pillows for elderly as they also support the neck and provide relief from cervical problems. This pillow is ideal for all sleeping positions; it adjusts and ensures a restful sleep.

They stay cool and are a little on the firm side so they provide great support to the neck of the person sleeping. However, the feather could poke out at times. This pillow is machine washable with special instructions. These are good quality and low priced pillows.

3. WEEKENDER Down and Feather Blend Pillow

There are times when you are looking for the perfect ratio of down and feather. You already have a number in mind and know that it works for you. WEEKENDER presents a great option with 80% feathers and 20% down

The filling blend in these pillows utilizes only white duck down and feathers that are of the top most quality. This ratio gives a firm pillow that has a medium fill density; it can be bought in the standard size. The dimensions are 16 X 25 inches and it gets a height of 6 inches when fluffed fully.

The cover is pure cotton with 250 thread count with beautifully stitched and piped edges. It’s a fluff-able pillow that offers supportive and natural comfort that molds according to your shoulders, neck, and head. You can buy a single piece and the pillow comes with a warranty of 1 year.

This medium-weight pillow ensures exceptional value and clean comfort at a decent price. The best thing is that this pillow can be washed in the machine (cold or hot) with bedding. And it is dryer safe and there is no need to dry clean, bleach or iron.

Things to Consider Before Buying

There are a few pointers that you need to keep in mind before buying a pillow for your parents or grandparents. Pay extra attention and care.


It is vital that you make sure that the pillow has a hypoallergenic filling. The pillow cover or protector you are using should be a pure fabric that hinders bacteria growth.

Elder people often have weaker immune systems and are more prone to respiratory problems. Also, wash, dry clean, or sanitize the pillow as it should be. Follow the wash and care instructions that come with the product.

It can be tricky to find the best pillow for allergies thus why we decided to write this review.​

Fill Ratio

Do you want more down or more feathers? A higher ratio of down makes the pillow more fluffy and provides less support while it is the opposite with feathers. Find the ratio that works best for you and get that pillow only.

Fill density

Not only the ratio is important, the amount of fill in the pillow also needs your attention. A low-filled pillow would be essentially flat; a medium-filled has a few centimeters of height. While a pillow with high filling maintains its height and provides support, decide according to your sleeping position.


The products included in this list are some of the best one’s available in the market. Invest n a comfortably good pillow for your elders so that they get a good night’s sleep. I would recommend trying the Royal Hotel's Goose Down Pillow, it a premium pillow with maximum down filling.

You spend a large part of your life in bed, so it is only logical to make it as comfortable as possible. Your elders have special needs so buy the best pillows for elderly according to their requirements.

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