August 9, 2017

Best Pillow Under Legs for Back Pain (Hermell’s Leg Rest Pillow Reviews)

Elevated leg rest cushions or elevated wedge pillows are designed to relieve the back and leg pain related problems. An ideal leg rest cushion helps maintain spine alignment with our neck and back. There are various products in the market that claim to eradicate health problems but are these actually worth your money? The answer is no. Only some pillows are truly capable of helping you with backache or neck pain. In our article today we will talk about the best pillow under legs for back pain.

What is the Best Pillow under Legs for Lower Back Pain?

Much of our body aches are related to the health of the spine. You would be amazed to know how leg pain, back pain, shoulder pain and numbness of the neck are associated with our spine. Hermell’s Elevating Leg Rest with White Polycotton Cover is the best pillow to use under legs for lower back pain.

pillow under legs for back pain

Established in 1969 by a practicing podiatrist, the family run company, Hermell Products Inc. has been manufacturing the best products without compromising on quality. Hermell’s Elevating Leg Rest with White Polycotton Cover is a wide wedge pillow where you can rest your legs. The product dimensions are 26 x 20 x 8 inches. The leg rest cushion is encased in a removable cover. To wash it zip off to remove the cover, once dried put it back and zip it on. The product is assembled in the US.

Is This Elevating Leg Rest That Suits You Best?

Hermell’s Elevating Leg Rest with White Polycotton Cover by Hermell Products Inc. is the best pillow under legs for back pain available in the market because it helps you with your back pain and leg pain. To find out how it works we need to learn about our anatomy.

We are well aware of the fact that the movement of our body, our upright posture and nervous system are related to the vertebral column. The vertebral column or backbone or spine consists of 33 bones known as vertebrae. The uppermost area at the posterior neck is known as cervical vertebrae. It connects the vertebral column with the skull. The next is thoracic covering the chest region. It articulates with the ribs. The bones in the lower back are known as the lumbar vertebrae. The last two vertebrae are fused and known as sacral vertebrae which form the sacrum to articulate with the pelvic girdle and caudal vertebrae or coccyx. The ‘S’ shaped human spine is extremely flexible.

Lower back pain or axial back pain is closely related to the health of our lumbar vertebrae. Axial back pain is caused by herniated disc or degenerated disc, facet joint problems and damage of tissues present in tendons, ligaments and muscles. Leg pain can be the result of pinched nerve or sciatica. 

Surgery is one of the treatments available for chronic back pain and sciatica. Sometimes our sleeping postures are also held responsible for these dangerous health issues. Whether your backache and leg pain is caused by faulty sleeping position or you are in need of extra support after surgery Hermell’s Elevating Leg Rest with White Polycotton Cover will help you recover.

With the help of this pillow you can maintain correct spinal alignment with the rest of your body. Resting your legs on Hermell’s Elevating Leg Rest with White Polycotton Cover while you sleep will relieve you from pain occurring from stress and varicose veins.

Why Should I Use This Elevating Leg Rest?

When you rest your legs on Hermell’s Elevating Leg Rest with White Polycotton Cover and recline it allows you to keep your feet and ankles 8 inches above your heart level. This unique ‘zero’ gravity posture eliminates pain. The angle is ideal for creating “pelvic tilt” which releases the stress in your tailbone and it helps maintaining the curve of the lumbar, sacral and caudal vertebrae that further helps you with back pain.

Elevated posture of your legs and feet relaxes your calf muscles. This position also helps if you suffer from edema and varicose veins. After a long day of work your feet and legs become number due to exhaustion and pain. Now relaxing is easy with a Hermell’s Elevating Leg Rest.

Our legs often swell due to poor blood circulation and restlessness. It happens with most of us who work in offices or have to sit in the same position for hours without movement. To increase blood flow in your legs to fight swelling now you can use this leg rest cushion. For hip replacement leg pillow, you can check out the recommended pillow here.

The easy to clean cotton blend cover is gentle on your skin and does not cause irritation. Wash it in machine and dry it before putting it back.

We have received a huge number of positive reviews from the customers. Some of them have mentioned why they prefer Hermell’s Elevating Leg Rest with White Polycotton Cover over the others.

Hermell’s Elevating leg pillow for back pain reviews help us learn that:


  • It is useful for resting your legs and feet after feet surgery.
  • Broad enough to accommodate tall people.
  • Easily washable cotton cover is ideal to maintain hygiene.
  • Value for money and easily affordable.
  • You can use it on bed, sofa or a couch, anywhere you want!
  • No age bar. From young to adult anyone can use it. Also ideal for elderly people.

  • Only supports sleeping on your back. It is not good if you are a side sleeper.
  • The 8 inch high elevated surface is not recommended after a knee surgery.

Final Verdict

Hermell’s Elevating Leg Rest with White Polycotton Cover - BUY IT NOW!!!

Considering all the factors we highly recommend Hermell’s Elevating Leg Rest with White Polycotton Cover for you. It is not only best pillow under legs for back pain but it also helps you relax your tired leg muscles, therefore, it is ideal to use regularly. Above all, the price range is extremely affordable and cheap. I bet you would not find a leg rest with so many benefits at this cheaper rate. So, go ahead and make your decision to bring Hermell’s Elevating Leg Rest with White Polycotton Cover for all your back and leg pain related problems.

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