August 15, 2016

Baby Neck Pillow: Do We Recommend You To Use It For Your Baby?

The use of baby neck pillow has increased popularity recently. A lot of people had asked for our opinion of whether a baby should be using neck pillow and what is our recommendation of a good neck pillow.

So What Is a Baby Neck Pillow?

A baby neck pillow is basically a horseshoe-shaped pillow, which is said to provide neck support and potentially giving your baby’s a round head. However, there is no scientific evidence that it will make your baby’s head round.

Is It Recommended For A Baby To Use A Neck Pillow?

It depends on the age of your baby. However it works differently for different babies. Some babies may be able to use a neck pillow when they are just over 1 years old, but some should only use a pillow until age 2.

Why Don’t We Recommend Babies To Use Neck Pillow Until At Least More Than 1 Years Old?

It is not uncommon to hear cases of babies suffering from SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome), due to pillows! For babies, pillows may cause the potential of choking and suffocation hazards.

Neck pillows are normally filled with sponge chips and thermocol balls, if the pillow tears and its content spill out, it can easily leads to a choking hazard. Suffocation hazards may also arise if somehow your baby’s head is stuck under some pillow.

As a golden rule, when we are dealing with babies, it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

My Baby Is Over 2 Years Old And He Needs Some Pillow For Neck Support During Travel Time!

This is the only scenario which make sense to get a good neck pillow. Here is our recommendation and some safety precautions which we advised you to take note of.


Boppy Infant To Toddler Head And Neck Support

Baby Neck Pillow

While this is not a normal neck pillow, we believe this is the best choice if you are looking for one which provides neck support. So why do we recommend this product? With more than 500 customer satisfactory reviews, as well as amazing design which focus on baby’s safety, this is the perfect baby neck pillow which we would recommend. Do remember, safety is the first thing we need to keep in mind when dealing with our beloved.

Real customer reviews -

The neck support piece is PERFECT for keeping baby's head straight

This product rocks!! It's made by Boppy and very well made!! Greatest quality I've ever experienced!! Everyone should own this for their child. I now have a piece of mind for my baby;)!!

If you still insists on looking for a normal type of baby neck pillow, check out this link for the best selling neck pillow. 

Safety Precautions You Need To Take Note

  1. Only allow your baby to use the pillow when you are around.
  2. Make sure the pillow is free from tear at all time.
  3. Clean the pillows often, make sure it is free from bacteria and dust.
  4. To prevent allergic issues, get a pillow with hypoallergenic filling.


While we don’t think a neck pillow is really necessary, and in some case , it might even bring some potential risk to your baby, we do agree that it actually bring some level of comforts for your baby. Whatever your choice is, it will be wise to handle your baby with care.

If you would like to know more about baby pillows, do check out our best baby pillow guide where it will show you other baby pillows for certain age group that are available on the market.

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