About Us

Hello, my name is Caryn and I am an expert on sleeping products and advices. Together with my friends, Alisa and Claire, we have developed a strong passion to help people having trouble sleeping at night. We also help find the right types of sleeping products that will  make us sleep better.

We used to struggle getting enough quality sleep throughout the night and this prompted us to understand how the sleeping mechanism works. As we explored more into the sleeping world, we were amazed that there were so many different types of materials used, for example in pillows. All of these types like memory foam, latex, water based etc. have their own pros and cons. Another interesting point is that our sleeping position will also play an important role in determining which pillows will be best for us.

How Can We Help

After years of research and product testing, we have created this website with the intention to help you improve your sleep quality. The information you will find on this website are as follows:-

  • The different types of pillows for different types of sleeping position.
  • Buying guides to ensure you choose the right pillows and blankets.
  • Baby pillows review and recommendation.
  • Best sleeping products available on the market.
  • Tips and Advice's on how to improve the quality of your sleep.

All of the things we recommended here have been tested by us and we are sure it will work for you as well. We will help you get the best quality sleep which you deserve so that your quality of life will be improved dramatically.